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NADA Organized Show 2023 The Future of Automotive Retail


NADA Organized Show 2023 The Future of Automotive Retail


NADA Organized Show 2023 The Future of Automotive Retail

NADA Show 2023 is helds on — January 26–29, 2023 — in Dallas,TX. Where two super session are to be organized in this show.

Our very first education session of the event is The Future of Automotive Retail Roundtable which focuses on “risk as an opportunity: innovative dealers investing today in automotive technology startups to maximize value tomorrow.”

This informative roundtable discussion, moderated by 20-year automotive industry veteran and auto tech expert Steve Greenfield, features insights from some of the nation’s most progressive dealers about the key themes and technologies shaping the future of automotive retail. Greenfield is joined by:

  • Liza Borches, CEO of Carter Myers Automotive
  • Dinos Constantine, COO of Holler-Classic Automotive Group
  • Michael Dunlap, VP, and Partner of Schomp Automotive Group
  • Bill Feinstein, President of Planet Honda.

Then, Sunday afternoon, we’ll wrap up the Auto Industry Event of the Year, with a second Super Session: the Best of the Best From NADA 20 Groups. NADA dealer management consultants and 20 Group moderators will share winning ideas — complete with implementation plans and ways to get buy-in from your team — for increasing profits, improving processes, engaging employees and retaining customers, all with measurable results.

Also on Sunday good news is this, Deion Sanders! The Pro Football Hall of Famer, Super Bowl Champion and University of Colorado Boulder Head Football Coach is our NADA Show 2023 Main Stage Inspirational Speaker! You won’t want to miss it.

Nada used car value provides you the link to register for this big event, get ready to make a big impact at the Event of the Year of Auto Industry!

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