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Volvo Gears Up for EV Blitz in its Biggest Product Revamp


Volvo Gears Up for EV Blitz in its Biggest Product Revamp


Volvo Gears Up for EV Blitz in its Biggest Product Revamp

Volvo is preparing for a major electric vehicle (EV) push in its biggest product overhaul since acquired by China’s Greely in 2010. The Swedish automaker is set to launch several new EVs in the upcoming years. All it starts from the launch of XC40 Recharge, that was the first electric vehicle, in 2020.

Volvo’s shift towards electrification is in line with a growing trend in the global auto industry, as governments around the world adopt stricter emissions regulations and consumers increasingly demand greener alternatives to gasoline-powered vehicles. The automaker has set a goal to have 50% of its global sales come from EVs by 2025, and has promised to phase out internal combustion engines altogether by 2030.

This massive product revamp comes as part of Geely’s broader push to make Volvo a leader in electrified vehicles. Geely has invested heavily in the development of new EV technologies, and has made significant progress in battery technology and autonomous driving. Under Geely’s ownership Volvo has also been trying to able a top position in the Chinese market, that becomes the largest EV market in the world in upcoming years.

In addition to launching new EVs, Volvo is also working on developing its charging infrastructure, with plans to build a network of fast-charging stations across Europe. The automaker is also looking to offer its customers a range of services and solutions aimed at making the transition to EVs as smooth as possible, including home charging solutions and battery leasing options.

Overall, Volvo’s shift towards EVs is a major step towards a more sustainable future for the global auto industry. With its strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Volvo play a key role in shaping the future of transportation. Whether you’re a current Volvo owner or a prospective EV buyer, there’s no denying that this automaker is one to watch in the coming years.

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